Orthotics is actually a customized foot support and may come in form of splints, inserts or shoe insoles. Also, they are used to be able to restore natural foot function. And with regards to children, they may be used as a way to treat biomechanical foot issues. Biomechanics in case you don't know is the study of the body's movement when you are walking, playing sport or running. And two of the very common biomechanical foot issues are over or under pronation.


On the other hand, pronation is the typical movement of foot that is absorbing the impact when you are walking or running. However when it comes to over pronation, it is when the foot rolls or moves inward more than the normal 15 percent and may cause problems with the foot and ankle stabilizing body and inefficiently absorbing shock. But with under pronation, the inward movement is less than normal 15 percent and as a result, the force of impact is more focused on the outer side of the foot.


In an effort to promote joint and muscle stability for those who were born with low muscle tone or those who are born prematurely, orthotics may be used as part of a treatment plan. You can also have your orthotics at http://dufferinfootclinic.com/treatments/diabetic-foot-care/ either custom-made or ready-made. Choosing the right orthotics for children will depend on the foot issue or underlying muscle that the child is suffering from.


For children under the age of 7, they usually have flat feet but this will outgrow naturally. There are some experts feel it isn't in best interest of the child to alter the foot alignment if they're younger than 7 years old if they just have a minor biomechanical disorder. If the child is for instance older than 7 years, the physician might use them in order to correct misalignments that are from over or under pronation. To be able to have the gait and feet of the child assessed, you may bring them to a podiatrist and they'll recommend the best orthotics at http://dufferinfootclinic.com/ to be used.


In some cases, it's important to make use of orthotics for children who are as young as 2 years old. Some of these situations include children with motor disorders like developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, issues with muscle tone and so forth. It is highly recommended to use customized orthotics to allow children make the most of it.



The podiatrist will do a biomechanical assessment of their feet and gait and the gathered info will help them make custom orthotics that'll help the child with their special needs. By using such, it will help a lot in proper alignment of the child's legs and feet during their development and growth.